Vi faccio entrare nel mio disordine – quarta puntata

Day 4

This was the final morning in Bologna. I would’ve wanted to stay but this particular apartment wasn’t available for the additional night, so what I did was booking a night in Udine instead. This meant I would still stay in Italy but the travel time back would be split a bit between days 4 and 5, since Udine is a lot closer to Croatia than Bologna.

Before the check-out I made sure I left no mess behind, meaning taking out the trash, washing the dishes. A mundane thing that I was doing in Italy this time. And a “cultural” difference I wasn’t ready for.

You see, trashcans in Italy have a thing below them which you could press with your legs to open them. Quite useful. Unlike Croatian ones which have no such thing and you had to open the lid with your hands. I was trying to do the latter which was proving to be hard. Till I saw how someone else did it and realized I could’ve done it the much easier way.

The streets were damp, giving an atmosphere that felt fitting since I was about to leave. Completed the check-out, left my bags in the lobby area and headed out for one last session of walking around the city, before I’d pick up my bags again and head towards the bus station.

Went inside the Salaborsa library where I just sat and relaxed my legs. Did the same earlier at the main square. Makes sense that my legs would be getting tired at this point. Under the library there’s some Roman ruins which I didn’t even know about till realizing they were there, available to be seen, which was nice. Many people threw some coins down the ruins, most likely hoping it would bring them luck. I contemplated doing the same, but I didn’t do it in the end.

The ruins

There was also a nearby toilet, which seemed to be paid but there wasn’t anyone around so I went ahead and used it. Coincidence? Luck?

The idea was to get some fried tortellini before the bus. But sadly the places I targeted weren’t open yet so it was a quick stop to a store for sandwiches instead. I thought this would be enough till I would get something in Udine.

Waited at the bus station for the bus towards Udine. It was sad to leave, but it was comforting to know I’ll still have Udine to explore. And an exciting aspect of this bus ride was the stop in Venezia Tronchetto, for was my closest “taste” of Venice so far. I enjoyed crossing the bridge towards the island and catching glimpses of the island.

Glimpse of Venice

This was probably the highest point of the bus ride. Things went downhill from there. Energy levels were dropping and I started having an unpleasant feeling in my head. Tried helping myself by snacking on hazelnuts and using the propolis I brought, but the unpleasantness remained. There was a good amount of rain falling as well, and I didn’t like having a rainy walk to my Udine hotel in this state. Not just because of my state, but also because of the books and Ferrari bag I was carrying. But as the bus arrived to Udine, it became evident I would have to go through it. I made sure no rain drops would end up in the book bag, as I started navigating my way towards the hotel, in rainy Udine which was dark by now.

Thankfully, this time the navigating went smooth, tried doing it as fast as I could. I didn’t feel great, but I was still taking in a feeling from the place. As I came closer to the center, I was getting vibes of elegance, and like I was really in a beautiful place. There was also this feeling of difference. Ofcourse, it was a different place to Bologna. Still Italy, still beautiful, just a different type of beautiful.

Found the hotel, went through the check-in process. Felt a bit confused with turning on the lights, till I remembered I’d probably need to slot in the key card somewhere to get the lights working. I wonder if the host noticed my confusion since I got a call on the telephone some time after figuring it out. Yes, there was a telephone in the room, with options on it to get room service. I suppose this gave the room a slightly old vibe, although it wasn’t outdated or anything like that.

My main “objective” now was to get out of this bad state by the time the Sanremo final started. Managed a very short nap. I went to the nearby store to get some things to eat and bring me back to a good state. I wasn’t in the mood for some quality restaurant food. I took what I felt I could eat at those moments. By the time Sanremo was about to start, I felt much better. Even better as I ate the hazelnuts I had earlier in the bus. I once again had a tiramisu and I also got a Coca Cola in the 660ml size. I didn’t see it sold in that size anywhere else before this.

I fucked up when it comes to food during this day, I have to be honest. It’s not a situation I would want to go through again. I “recovered” in the end, and was able to watch Sanremo till the end in a much better state than before. But the hours before that were definitely a low point.


  1. violet
    May 4, 2024

    *rant warning*
    wow, your trashcans don’t open using your foot? you really have to use your hands? are you talking about outdoor trash cans? not the best for hygiene if you ask me.

    1. simplymk
      May 4, 2024

      That’s how it is for those that i know of… Definitely not the best indeed

      Or maybe mk just dumb, i usually dont use the apartment type trash cans cause each house has separate smaller ones for them only


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