Vi faccio entrare nel mio disordine – quinta puntata

Day 5

Earlyish wakeup to give myself a chance to have the hotel breakfast. But I wasn’t quite feeling like it. Instead I just took some time… waking up, getting the final things ready before check-out. Final watching of the TV where ofcourse they talked about Sanremo. I left just after 10am when breakfast ended, left the bags at the reception and went to explore Udine for a couple of hours.

And I had a breakfast from stuff bought at the store. I made sure to get enough stuff before I’d eat something more in Ljubljana.

Playing in my head was perhaps surprisingly, Pazza by Loredana. On what was the final walk around Italy, with the purpose of exploring a place. Took in the moment and scenery as much as I could. Digested my thoughts, at least when it comes to Sanremo. Enjoyed going through the Udine center. Went around the relaxing canals. I wondered why the internet never really recommends this place, even saying to skip it or that it’s “uninspiring”. The feel I got from the place was very positive and stylish.

I headed to a large Eurospar just outside the city center. What they had there was an anime cookbook in Italian, which I almost bought but in the end decided not to. And then I went back towards the hotel to get my stuff and towards the bus station.

At the bus station, some people playing the annoying type of music. There was barely anyone else around. I wished I’d spend more time exploring but it was what it was. The bus came, I took a seat and it got going.

I played what became the usual playlist of my Sanremo 2024 favorites. And then the emotions started kicking in. I felt it coming that there will be danger of crying on public transport. It’s exactly what happened. Multiple sessions of crying hard. Very sad passenger I was.

Left the bus at Ljubljana where I stayed for a couple of hours. Had McDonald’s food which I ate while walking around. Shitty option I know.

Was filled with sadness. Walking around places I’m not visiting often always helps, but I kept wishing this was still Italy. Bought the train ticket towards Zagabria with a heavy heart. I sat at the train station bar for a coffee. The bar then played the same music I’d repetitively hear every day at wOrk. It was like a preview of the “return to regular life”.

When I arrived to the station, I locked my stuff into a locker. When I tried getting my things out, the machine was showing errors. Not realizing the locker actually opened despite the errors, I sort of panickly called the displayed number for help. I realized mid-call that the locker actually opened. And then a minute later it turns out the person behind the number was actually standing just outside the locker room, and he came towards the locker to make sure everything was ok. A big scare.

Bad luck on the train. I ended up with the types of people who play their shit out loud on a Bluetooth speaker, and generally can’t keep quiet. And from what I’ve gathered, they also take drugs (not on the train or anything). Thankfully they didn’t speak a word with me but it didn’t feel too great being next to them.

Oh and the train was late, making my final bus connection tighter than I would’ve wanted. So I had to do one last rush from the Zagabria train station to the bus station to catch the bus. I made it work out. No uncomfortable passengers this time. The rain was getting worse and when I got back to the city, I tried making the final walk to the house as quick as possible. Despite all those challenges, the books were dry and unharmed. The Ferrari bag had raindrops, but it wasn’t harmful to it.

And that’s how it all came to an end. And the next morning, return to wOrk, like nothing happened. At least an extra day in-between to recuperate would’ve been good.


  1. violet
    May 4, 2024

    loud people in public transport are the worst. someone must be incredibly selfish to not respect the fact that those next to them might have had a long day… there are places to listen to music and make jokes with your friends but the train is NOT one of them…

    1. simplymk
      May 4, 2024

      Hell, i’d be too shy to play my stuff on a bluetooth speaker in public

      1. violet
        May 5, 2024

        i wouldn’t do it out of sheer respect


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