It’s my own evolution – Domain name change and more!

Every time you read an article with blogging tips and how to start a blog, you are guaranteed to find the word “niche” in the article.

You will always be told to “pick a niche”, in other words, choose a topic you really love and can write a huge number of articles about, and just keep optimizing your website for that topic, and keep posting about that one topic only.

And that works for people. And I totally understand where it’s coming from. It makes perfect sense. But what if you’re someone like me, who has multiple passions and sometimes wants to write bad content on those topics too? Sure, you can make a new blog for every one of your “niches”. But that takes money, time and ideas. And I may want to occasionally post about something, but I’m not sure if I’d always have enough ideas for an entire separate blog.

That’s why I say: fuck picking a niche. Fuck optimizing your website for a single topic. Enter simplymk – the place where I’ll simply post whatever I want. Without thinking or caring about optimization. Simply blogging for the sake of putting out my perspectives and experiences. Nothing else.

It may look like a big mess with unrelated posts all over the place. It may just end up still being dominantly about anime. Stay tuned to find out I guess.

Just to note, I did not do this because I didn’t want to post about anime anymore. As I said, I may end up just posting all the time about anime anyway. I just wanted to give myself the ability to be able to post about whatever I want, without it looking weird that a site called “tfwanime” just posted about the Sanremo Music Festival or how to learn a language.

And that’s it. That’s why tfwanime has become simplymk. MK are my initials by the way. The extension is .net instead of .com which was taken. But thinking about it more, .net actually kinda fits since I’m learning .NET at university.

For at least one more month, there will be a redirect from tfwanime to simplymk. To give some time for people to notice and get used to the changes.

And that’s all I got to say really. Hope you’ll continue sticking with my bad posts no matter what domain name they are under. Or topic for that matter.


  1. dracokidYT
    April 25, 2020

    A sensible thinking from a sensible person. Sometimes normality and cliches should be thrown out the window to give you space for other ideas. There’s nothing wrong with doing things the others do,but why not expand on your own life with your own, unique actions? See, ghis is the reason i respect you, and the anime community as a whole-though i’d never invite them to my house XD.

    Do what you want to do-and be satisfied with itm that’s all im telling you

    1. simplymk
      April 25, 2020

      A sweet comment from a sweet person, thank you!!

      But there are people here worth inviting to my house, especially some of the ani bloggers and slice of life lovers


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