Simple indication that I still exist

I don’t like the lack of new posts on this website. I also don’t like the lack of new videos on my YouTube channel, and I’m happy to change both of these things a bit.

This post is a bit of a nothing burger and I’m sorry about that, but I guess I want to indicate I still exist. In fact, a few days ago I extended the domain name for an extra year. And I did think about making new posts, such as on the crazy development of AI, the Italian review on Sanremo 2023 (actually started writing it but didn’t finish), I kinda started a draft about Bocchi the Rock as well. Even on the things happening with Twitter.

Speaking of which, I only really made one tweet about leaving which stayed for barely a day before I deactivated, so some people may not even know what’s up. But the long story short is that I didn’t want to remain on a sinking ship and I thought about leaving Twitter anyway since early October, and then the events gave me the final push to do it. I guess my replacement for the microblogging is Plurk, although I’m genuinely fine mostly speaking into the void there to 2 close friends. I realize this specific platform is probably not gonna be the one taking over from Twitter, in the sense of all users moving there and honestly I’m fine with that.

I mentioned YouTube and this will also be a shameless promotion of the new short Oshi No Ko AMV I made. What can I say, the first episode was so impactful that just hours after seeing the episode I had to go look for songs I could use for a video on it. I’m happy to have done some video editing again, since it’s been suffering from the “no time to get back deeply into it” issue that anything other than tech things that I do at my part time job and AI which I’m writing my thesis on suffer from. But honestly it’s also the fault of my mind, because I tend to think that if I’ll “let myself” fully focus on making anime videos, I’ll get over invested into it to the point I’ll focus less on the other things. Similar for learning languages. It’s sad, I hate it.

Anyways, the video is below. It’s not even a minute long, nor is it a masterpiece in terms of video effects. But I’m still happy with how it turned out. I like to always do something in each video I haven’t done before, and I guess even in this one there is such a thing towards the end (nothing complicated at all but still a first). Hope you enjoy (but DO NOT watch if you haven’t seen the first episode of the anime, I don’t want to take the experience away from you).

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