Toradora December #1 – Episodes 1 – 6

Toradora is one of those anime that will always have a special place in my heart. 

The first time I’ve seen it was in summer 2017, aka the start of my anime watching career. It was one of the first anime I’ve watched subbed, and my first ever romance/comedy/slice of life anime.

Last Christmas was when I rewatched it for the first time, and it made for my favorite Christmas to date. Back then I decided I will rewatch Toradora every Christmas, and after a long year of waiting and resisting rewatching this anime, finally the time has come to start watching it for the third time.

It feels like I’ve returned to the warmth of my home that I’ve left for an entire year or something. It’s so nice to watch this once again.

I’ve started this year’s rewatch on the 6th December. It’s that exact date, because that will make the Christmas episodes come exactly on time for the real life Christmas. It’s supposed to be one episode per day. I’m not sure how I’m gonna keep myself from clicking on next episode every single time, but I’ll try giving it a go at least.

Technically this post was supposed to go out yesterday, since it covers the first 6 episodes, while today its already day 7 of the rewatch. Believe me, I wanted it to come out yesterday, but certain things just… unexpectedly happened.

But without any further ado, it’s time for me to highlight my 5 favorite moments from the first (almost) quarter of the anime.

Prologue – Episode 1

It’s the first scene, and it immediately lets you know that you are in for a beautiful series. Just the music alone is enough to realize this.

Ryuuji prepares for the first day of school, and wants to change his hairstyle but gives up on it instead. Then he spots mold and he can’t help but clean it. Clearly he cares about how clean his house is.

Then Taiga is introduced with clothes on her floor and she is sneezing. Spot the difference?

It’s a beautiful scene for the start of the rewatch. The music makes me nostalgic, and so excited for all the amazing moments that are awaiting in this series.

Nobody understands me! – Episode 2

One of my favorite scenes of the entire show. And it’s already in episode 2. This was the moment when I realized Toradora could really be something special.

Taiga lashes out her frustration at everybody around her. She feels misunderstood.

“Nobody understands me!”.

Or maybe somebody does? Ryuuji joins her in her outburst on the poor innocent pole. Such a lovely scene.

Until Taiga declares that starting the next day, Ryuuji will no more have to serve her as a dog, and they will just be “classmates who happen to be neighbours”.

Ryuuji clearly wasn’t happy with what he heard…

Trying hard – Episode 3

Kitamura catches Taiga lying down next to a bike.

“Bikes are wonderful, they open up your world”, he said.

A sweet moment of an annoyed, but determined Taiga follows.

“Damn! What’s the point in opening up my world, if Kitamura-kun isn’t watching me!?”

YES TAIGA! Ride that bike, you can do this! A cute moment of her facing her fears head-on.

Minori’s opinion – Episode 5

Ryuuji asks Minori on her opinion on people who call themselves airheads.

Her response is a rather unique one. An angel-like face, followed by a demon-like expression.

I assume this means she believes they seem as good people on the outside but their true nature is a different story.

Which is basically Ami Kawashima. Minori has a good understanding of people.

I also love how after that moment, the professor wonders why the class seems… surprised.

You missed out on something unusual, sensei.

We got to see something interesting – Episode 5

Ryuuji and Taiga go out to buy a sauce but on their way home, they see someone familiar…

It’s Kawashima Ami, and she seems to have a lot of junk food.

I love how this scene shows that Ami clearly has some problems she is trying to hide. She is not the angel she is trying to portray herself as. And its exciting to find out what exactly is bothering her.

The end of the scene is Taiga making that cute face and the transition to the ending sequence. Such a nicely made scene.


Did I miss any of your favorite moments? There is so much greatness to choose from, and with time there is only gonna be even more. Look forward to the part 2, which will cover episodes 7 – 12!

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