When anime inspires you to… cook

Today is one of those days when I’m home alone. And when that is the case, I sometimes get to experiment in the kitchen. I search for some simple but cool recipes my skills and available ingredients would allow me to prepare.

And I love that proud feeling I have when the meal I make ends up with a great taste.

Today I wanted to make the ramune candies, which I’ve seen in 3-gatsu no Lion. They looked so easy to make, and so few ingredients were needed.

I bought cornstarch in the store. I thought that was the only ingredient needed that I didn’t have at home.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. It turns out powdered sugar was also missing.

A shame, but I’ll make those ramunes soon. I’ll probably make them for Christmas.

But this wasn’t the first time I “tried” making something I’ve seen in anime…

My first cake

Maybe you noticed how much I love Toradora. I am posting about my Christmas rewatch of it afterall. And I’m proud to have Taiga as my twitter avatar.

Ryuuji Takasu is one of my favorite characters of all time. And one of his traits that I love is his love for cooking.

He cooks meals for himself, his mother and Taiga every day. He makes himself and Taiga lunch boxes.

Every time he makes food for someone, they are full of praise for it. Think back to that curry he made during the trip to Ami’s beach house.

Ryuuji’s love for cooking sort of made me want to get better at it myself.

And in the second ending sequence of Toradora, Ryuuji is preparing this beautiful looking orange cake.

Incidentally, today is day 17 of the Toradora Christmas rewatch, which means today is the day for the first episode in which this ending appears.

This time last year, when I rewatched Toradora for the first time, I thought I could try making that orange cake myself.

My father’s birthday is close to Christmas. Its just a couple of days after New Year’s day.

I ended up making that cake for his birthday. I felt so much hype and excitement just because I was making the same cake that appeared in Toradora.

For sure, it didn’t end up perfect. It didn’t look as beautiful as the one Ryuuji made. But just trying to make it was so worth it. I never thought I would enjoy making a cake as much as I enjoyed making one that day.

And the feedback I had from everyone that tried the cake made the day even better.

Just go and make those foods that you see your favorite anime characters prepare. I highly recommend doing it.

Feel free to share your anime related cooking stories in the comments! 😀

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