Summer 2020: What I’m watching

It’s been quite long since I made a season round-up of sorts. It’s also been some time since I actually watched the (non sequel) anime from a new season since the very start of the season, not joining in the middle. I think the last time this happened was actually Summer 2019.

But I’m rambling here so let’s just start going through the currently airing series that I’m watching.

Fruits Basket Season 2

This being here was probably clear. It’s not an easy feat building up on a 100/10 season 1, but Fruits Basket is managing just that with season 2. Everything is gradually building up towards trying to break the curse, and Yuki is getting loads of development that brings my heart joy because his character arc and progression means a lot to me. But ofcourse that’s far from all. It’s very likely I’ll talk more about Fruits Basket in separate posts soon so let’s leave it at that for now.

SAO: Alicization – War of Underworld 2

Finally we are seeing the awaited awakanening which I covered on Sunday. Really enjoying the season, I can feel an improvement in animation. A few moments here and there fell flat for me, but things like the Bercouli fight, Eiji’s unexpected badass entrance and Asuna getting a wing powerup from Yuuki were brilliant. Even Klein and the others having their moments to shine kinda made me emotional.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

This anime is a positive surprise every week. I find myself enjoying it and looking forward to it every week more than I perhaps expected. There is something I really enjoy about watching cocky characters get beaten overwhelmingly by the opponent they looked down upon. And The Misfit has plenty of those scenes. But not just that, in the first few episodes I genuinely thought the anime had pacing issues seeing how quickly Misha and Sasha were starting to get along, till they pulled off a twist. It keeps me interested and it’s an all round great watch. Plus Misha is so cute.

Fire Force Season 2

Fire Force grabbed back my interest when after a long pause I finally finished the second part of season 1 recently. I binge watched some 7 episodes of that and I guess it carried on that momentum into season 2. I’m enjoying the season, the new character Inka has a really interesting power, and seeing as they are now gone on an adventure in a different country, I can see it being a fun season. It’s a good example that shows I should always aim to finish the series that I started, even if I kinda lose interest. It could take a turn for the better and pull me back in.

Lapis Re:LIGHTs

This is definitely not the greatest anime in existence, but it has elements that are making me stay. Obviously the CGDCT, but there is also an interesting mix of magic with a twist that has shades of Classroom of the Elite. All with cute girls.

It also has an element of music. The art and animation is fairly decent. I’m not a fan of 3D idol sequences, but there hasn’t even been that many of it so far (but it will likely change in the next episodes).


I thought a few weeks ago that if this is the best from the romance genre that we have this season, it really is a bad season. Have my thoughts changed? I’m not entirely sure, it’s still not the best anime season for (non-sequel) romance, but granted this is the only non-sequel romance anime from Summer 2020 that I’m actually watching (not sure if any other even airs that isn’t a sequel).

What do I think of this anime? It’s hard to define my thoughts on it. Basically it’s one big mess. Chizuru is probably the biggest reason I’m staying with this, but I don’t want her to end up with the MC. She deserves better. The MC annoyed me cause he couldn’t make a single decision and actually stick with it and do it, but he kinda started to change that recently.

Also the newly introduced girl in episode 6 seems kinda annoying. Rental girlfriend or not, why does she care?. It’s none of her business. Unless if she is one herself, I guess, which I have a feeling she is but we’ll see.

Re:Zero Season 2

Exciting and unexpected twists, brilliant animation, dark endings of episodes with Subaru getting killed by characters I didn’t expect to see, the mysteries of Roswaal and Beatrice and how much do they both know… Re:Zero is doing everything that makes it so great and I’m just hungry for more. I have a feeling Roswaal can see the future, hard to believe he blindly trusted Subaru to take care of all the things in part 2 of season 1, without seeing some kind of foreshadowing or something.

Ram has her moments to shine and I’m sure now that I prefer her to Rem. Yes Rem would do anything for you, but Ram’s personality just makes her more fun to watch. And she never brutally murdered Subaru.

I’m just missing some more Crusch. But I guess I had a good share of that while reading the first part of Re:Zero Ex…

What anime are you watching this season? If you agree or disagree with my thoughts, feel free to let me know in the comments!

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