Questions x Answers 1: My inspiration for blogging?

So a few weeks ago I wanted to try making something a little bit different on this blog, and I randomly asked you on Twitter to send me some questions I will answer in this post.

There were actually some responses, and I’m thankful to everyone who sent me something, you literally made this post possible.

By the way, the title for this post is basically a reference to Hunter x Hunter, I think its easy to understand why.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the questions!


The first question was from @sambgrits:

Well, my music files are pretty much filled with anime openings and endings. I guess I’m quite a fan of J-pop then, cause the songs usually just fit my style. But other than that, I’m a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, so I listen to the competing entries and the entries from national selections.

I also really love Italian music, and I follow a lot of their artists. For more mainstream stuff, I guess I love Coldplay, they have a few songs that mean a lot to me but I haven’t listened to them in a while if I’m being honest.

I don’t really have specific genres, I listen to whatever is a good song, but I guess you could say heavy metal isn’t really my thing.

Future of anime

@aratadono asked:

Hmm, very interesting question.

Obviously, it depends on the available technology, but I expect VR to be incorporated, maybe anime series will get special VR editions which will allow a more special experience.

Augmented Reality too, I’m sure walking through towns with virtual anime advertisement will be a thing.

There is a lot of potential for anime with VR and AR so I’m sure these technologies will be used to complement the medium in a fun way.

But the fundamental anime parts? I don’t see too much that will change there. Technology could make the process easier but someone will always have to design the characters, voice them, think of the stories…

Lord and savior

@animated_andy asked some very important things…

I swear to as much allegiance as the number of part time jobs that Kushieda Minori has. And that’s quite a lot.

My Twitter avatar may change a few times, but there are some characters that will always have a special place in your heart, and certainly Lord Aisaka Taiga is one of those for me.

Inspiration for blog posts

@JohnnyLambo1 was kind enough to send me two different tweets. This was the first one:

For the posts in the Personal category, usually I just brainstorm through the topics I think I know enough about to write. The topics I think I could give a more unique point of view to, or any other stuff from my anime related habits that could seem interesting enough to share.

The anime I pick for an Opening/Ending breakdown depends on how much I enjoy the anime and sequence and how many interesting things I feel I could note about the sequence. So if there is an anime with an opening that is quite ‘basic’ without many interesting note-worthy scenes, I probably won’t breakdown its opening.

I do the first impressions if the anime was memorable enough, both for good or bad reasons. Similar I guess for reviews, but I haven’t actually done many full anime reviews yet.

There are always moments when I don’t know how to write things or what to write about, but what helps then is watching some YouTubers and sometimes I get ideas from the videos I watch. Or ofcourse, simply looking around at what other anime bloggers are doing.

Even just looking through my older posts sometimes helps think of new things I could write about.

My university/journey

The second tweet was this:

I’m studying Computer Science at university. But my first choice was actually media editing, which unfortunately didn’t work out.

So how does my journey lead me to my dream of creating anime OPs and EDs?

Well I’d like to believe this blog will somehow lead to that, or at least play a part. That’s because its a platform for me to do the media editing that I want. Not being in the media editing university doesn’t mean I can’t do it in free time right?

Mainly what I mean about the platform part is actually my YouTube channel for AMVs, where the idea is to improve my media editing skills by making videos of the medium I love. All while also running this blog which makes sense for me cause I did finish web design in high school.

So I hope all of this will lead to something.

When I finish Computer Science I plan to get a master’s degree for media editing. It would mean 5 years of university studies with a wider area of knowledge, along with the main thing I wanted to study in the first place. But what this will also bring is a chance to enter certain student programmes which give you the opportunity to work in Japan for a while.

One of the requirements for that is 4 or more years of university studies. That’s why I can’t aim for that with simply Computer Science.

So yeah I hope this answered the question.

And that’s all for the questions this time! How often I’ll make these kinds of posts will really depend on how many questions I would get. I’m thinking a monthly Q&A would be great but we’ll see.

You can help contribute to the next Q&A by writing your question for the next one in the form below. Or you can send me the question on Twitter.


  1. Rocco Mallow B
    April 30, 2019

    Good post Matt :D. As a long time blogger, it is a good idea to link back and update your older posts. This gives depths to your blog, most tend to do the “by the number post” ie do a post then let it get buried. As the saying goes old content is new content to new subs.

    As for songs, pretty much the same. Enjoy OPs & EDs, along with videogame music and the odd piano jazz. Euro song is always a blast to watch and see what is popular in each country.

    1. tfwanime
      April 30, 2019

      Thank you, this definitely makes sense, will keep it in mind

      Great to see another anime lover AND eurovision fan. Its rare but i really have a lot in common with people that are fans of both… 😀


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