Sunshine filled Q&A

A few months ago I was tagged for the Sunshine Blogger Award for the first time. Ever since then, 3 more people were kind enough to tag me for the same thing again! At this rate, I’ll actually start to think I’m good at blogging.

A big thank you to Hikari, YumDeku and TheRandomEditor for thinking of me while making your posts.

Now let’s get onto the rules and the questions – 33 of them! 

Or not… In the case of the same question being asked more than once, I will just jump on to the next question.


Sunshine Blog Award Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog so that other people can visit them
  • Answer the 11 questions put to you by the nominator
  • Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing and provide them with a new set of 11 questions to answer
  • Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts
  • List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo within your post or on your blog site



1, What was the first manga you read ?

If we are talking about physical releases that would be Assasination Classroom Volume 5. If we are talking about things I read online, that was actually My Hero Academia.

2,How do you feel about ani/manga tubers ? If you like them say which one is your favorite.

I’m not really sure. There are a few that do have decent content, like Glass Reflection or Gigguk (at times), but the majority of them don’t really grab my interest.

3,What platform for games do you like the most and explain why.

I more or less stopped being a gamer to be honest since I haven’t played anything so far in 2019.

4,What place would you visit in Europe and why ?

Italy once again because I have a huge love for the language and culture. The Scandinavian countries cause they all seem so cool. I really love Europe and travelling so any country would do really.

I wish that was in Europe

5,Are you proud to be an otaku or a geek ?

I’m learning to embrace my geekness even if it may not help me a lot on the social life aspect oops.

6, How does your family feel about you being an otaku ?

It’s a topic we briefly talked about maybe 2 or 3 times. Not much recently. Mom probably remembers it and ofcourse she can see my manga and light novels too. I think she is fine with it but she would probably want me to get a more “social” hobby alongside it as well.

7,What made you want to start a blog ?

The prospect of turning my passion for anime into something that would bring me monetary gains. And that really sounds greedy doesn’t it.

But along the way I stopped worrying about that and realized blogging is a good thing to do for many other reasons.

8, Do you collect anime DVDs , manga, or anime merch ?

Yeah my manga collection gradually keeps increasing. I would like to go full weeb by getting posters or other types of merchandise, but maybe one day when I’ll live alone and with more money.

9, In the community , do you prefer MAL or AniList ?

I’m all for MAL simply because I never really felt the need to switch sites. Even tho I came to realize the MAL forums can really be a toxic place.

10,What do you think is the anime any anime fan should watch ?

Shirobako cause it’s an anime that celebrates its own medium and it’s an experience like no other.

11, Do you like asian dramas ? If you do which one is your favorite ?

I don’t follow Asian dramas.


What was the first anime you watched?

The first anime I watched while knowing it was anime was Death Note. But I seem to have some vague memories of Astro Boy, which I’m not sure why but that actually could had been my first anime experience instead.

What part of blogging do you find the most challenging?

Sometimes writing intros or outros can be tough. Sometimes it feels tough to literally write anything that makes sense, in a way that feels interesting to read. So I end up with two bad sentences after half an hour of writing. Usually when that happens the post ends up forever in the drafts or it’s just scrapped.

Is your blogging personality true to yourself or have you made some changes in the way you present yourself?

I’m trying to more or less be “true to myself” cause that should be the point here, right? Pretty much no one in real life would care if I’d get into long monologues about anime so I have to do them somewhere…

If you could bring one piece of an anime series — a magic spell, a piece of equipment, a technology, or something like that — to our world and use it, what would it be?

I don’t know why is this proving harder to answer than I expected. Maybe because I watch slice of life too much?

What anime world would you absolutely never want to live in?

This is probably a very common answer but Attack on Titan.

Who’s your embarrassing anime crush?

I don’t really know which one could be considered embarrasing to be honest. Probably any anime crush is, to the people that aren’t into anime.

What anime are you enjoying the most right now?

Recently it’s been Welcome to the N.H.K and Tari Tari. Also I just finished rewatching Bloom Into You yesterday and it was wonderful.

Out of the currently airing stuff, it’s easily Chihayafuru but I’m very excited for new Alicization and Dr Stone episodes as well.

Which anime character do you see yourself the most in?

It’s weirdly both Oreki Houtarou and Chihaya Ayase. When I really get into things, I can be as one-track minded and dedicated as even Chihaya Ayase. Or at least that’s what I believe. But when I don’t have a particular interest towards something but find myself having to do it, I’m like Oreki Houtarou. It’s a weird, contrasting combination.

You have to swap two main characters from (anime) series around.. for example Naruto and Goku… who would you choose and which of the series would you want to watch more?

What if Oreki Houtarou was the main character of Psycho Pass 3 and the people around him would have to bug him with their “watashi kininarimasu” until he finally gives in and actually starts solving the crimes?


What is your favourite blog post that you’ve produced?

I think my two “7 openings” posts, and that Saki Hanajima appreciation post were quite good, so probably one of those. 


What was the first light novel you read?

Digitally, it was when I started a bit of the Konosuba LN, physically it was Attack on Titan The Harsh Mistress of the city which I read very recently.

Do you know Fire Emblem? Or at least played any video game?

Not really.

What is your preferred demographic in anime? Shoujo, Shounen, Kodomomuke, Seinen, or Josei?

If you look at my main favorites I guess Shoujo/Josei? But I don’t really pick shows based on the demographic.


Do you take seasonal breaks from time to time?

Since Fall 2017, when I first started watching seasonal anime, I never really skipped a season. But in the last two seasons I kinda started jumping into them a bit later than usual, so that may become a new habit for me.

Do knowing spoilers beforehand actually ruin the experience?

It definitely does impact my experience. But maybe less in a Romance series perhaps, where spoilers like “they confessed” or “kissed” are something you would kinda expect from such an anime anyway.

If you weren’t blogging, where would you be?

Focused even more on the video editing I guess.

Questions & Nominations

Now who to nominate that hasn’t done this already? Or should I just not bother thinking about that and nominate anyone? Sorry in advance!


  1. Which season of anime in 2019 was the best one?
  2. Which anime are you most looking forward to in 2020?
  3. Do you have a favorite anime studio?
  4. Do you have a favorite voice actor?
  5. What is the longest period of time you spent without watching any anime?
  6. At what age did you got into anime?
  7. Have you ever cosplayed?
  8. Have you ever been to an anime convention?
  9. How popular is anime in your country?
  10. What anime really needs a new season?
  11. What manga or light novel really needs to be adaptated into anime?



  1. Yomu
    November 13, 2019

    Thank you for the nomination!
    I think the trick to being “good at blogging” is to just keep at it. There’s no rules or regulations or anything else that’s required, so as long as you write a post here and there you’re in!

    1. tfwanime
      November 13, 2019

      Looking forward to your answers!

  2. Lynn
    November 13, 2019

    Thanks for the nomination. That was some feat, answering thirty-three questions in one post. What’s wrong with the Attack on Titan world? There’s big walls to protect you and you get these really cool vertical maneuvering equipment with lots of swords. Don’t worry too much about the titans, they’re just big and dumb…

    1. tfwanime
      November 13, 2019

      Altho there are some that were asked multiple times…
      Yeah true!!! As long as there’s the walls everything is fine, and there is no way those walls can break, right?

      1. Lynn
        November 13, 2019

        Safe as houses…

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  5. Mallow
    December 7, 2019

    Thanks for the nomination matt. My bad for the late reply as well ?

    1. tfwanime
      December 9, 2019

      Dont worry about it!

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