On the way to B06-32 – The Promised Neverland Volume 6 Review

Volume 5 truly had everything in store for the children of Grace Field.

They escaped the orphanage but had to separate from their younger family. Then they faced new challenges by the nature itself and various demons.

Ray was forced to leave the group as a way to escape the demons. But even he doesn’t have infinite stamina for running away so how could he save himself from this situation?

Volume 6 of The Promised Neverland provides us with the answers.


When Emma collapses and things look quite bad for the group, a mysterious girl arrives and leads them to a safer place. Meanwhile, Ray also gets rescued by a similarly mysterious person.

He reunites with Emma in what looks like a cave. Upon meeting one of their rescuers, Ray is sharp-eyed as always and notices that it is in fact, a demon.

Emma thought for a moment that all the other children have been prepared as food. I just can’t not notice how similar she looks here to Hunter x Hunter’s Killua.

It turns out those demons, called Mujika and Sonju are actually not interested in eating humans due to their religion.

The promise

What Volume 6 does is reveal some hugely important details about the world of The Promised Neverland.

Demons and humans have existed on Earth for more than a thousand years. The two species have been constantly killing each other. In order to stop that, a promise has been made.

Demons won’t eat humans. Humans won’t kill demons. The world will be segregated with one side being for the demons and the other side for the humans.

Human farms have been created as a sacrifice in order to keep the promise.

The reason the ecosystem is different than what the children have been reading about in books is because they are currently at the demon side of the world.

And crossing to the human side is forbidden as part of the promise.

But oh well, the children of Grace Field are already quite used to doing things that are “forbidden”.

Note how the person that seemingly thought of the promise has an owl on his shoulder. Considering how the symbols from WIlliam Minerva have the owl, this is surely foreshadowing something.

Could it be that WIlliam Minerva is really the human that thought of the promise?

Even if its “impossible” to cross to the human side, Emma will still do it. I love her determination and confidence.


The children are aware that they have to be self-reliable. They are using the few days they have with Mujika and Sonju to learn some important new skills like cooking. Ray seems to have a bit of a talent for it.

Emma wants to learn hunting, and her first prey is a bird.

The gunpa is a ritual of piercing a flower through the heart of the prey. It helps drain the blood and if the gods accept the food, the flower will bloom.

With Conny in her mind, this left Emma heartbroken. But she pierced the flower through the bird anyway.

She doesn’t seem to enjoy hunting a lot. I think Emma would be a good candidate for becoming vegan.

(I’m so sorry)


As the children finally arrive to the place B06-32, it turns out that it’s actually empty without anyone around.

My first thoughts after seeing that were that they should dig. It turned out right because they soon found out they should go underground.

What they find is a human shelter. And a man in a messy room awaits for them.

I’m not sure if this is William Minerva but if it is I was expecting him to look differently. But I was probably influenced by the clothing his “alter-ego” had. If you don’t get what I mean let me just show you a picture.


Human shelters? I do wonder what is their purpose. If crossing between the two sides of the world is forbidden, this clearly means some have broken the promise.

Is the man waiting in the shelter William Minerva? Who is he?

All I can say is that William Minerva has surely at some point broken the promise if he is able to leave those signs for the high-quality farms.

And that owl. I doubt William Minerva is a 1000 year old person and that he really “made” the promise, but what does the owl symbolise? Maybe a group of individuals that William Minerva is a part of?

Also, Sonju has certain selfish plans… I can’t say it was surprising seeing something like that since he is a demon afterall. I just wonder if he will return in the future as the enemy.

Volume 6 was kind of what they would call an infodump. Loads of new vital information about the world has been revealed. Volume 7 could be the similar since the likelihood of meeting WIlliam Minerva or at least getting some information on him is high.

It’s gonna be interesting. And I’m very much excited for more. Writing this blog post is the only reason why I haven’t jumped straight into Volume 7 cause I think reviewing Volume 6 after reading the next volume would feel a bit weird.

If you’ve read Volume 6 of The Promised Neverland please feel free to discuss it in the comments 😉

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